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PRAGUE Bike Rides

Experience Prague from the saddle of your bike.

Experience Prague Bike Trips

Beer, pubs & nightlife. Prague is sure the capital of fun! But did you know it’s also a great place for mountain biking? We are local guides, know every trail in the city and want to share our favourite spots with you - no matter how good of a rider you are. Our approach is always individual to ensure you get the best of Prague and beyond from behind the bars!

Although we tailor each ride individually, two basic levels are set up to help you choose the best one!

Panorama > Challenges (Easy one day MTB rides)


Escape the hustle & bustle of the city! Explore panoramic views, forrests & meadows with local guides. Enjoy Prague from a biker’s perspective. Relaxed MTB ride. At your pace. Great for begginers and hobby riders.

Challenges > Panorama (Technical one day MTB rides)


Explore the best riding spots and technical challenges Prague has to offer! Roots, rocks & stunning views. Experience Prague like a true mountain biker! Easy transfers & optional technical sections. Great for intermediate to advanced bikers.



Let us know a bit more about you and your riding preferences.


We will craft what we think is the best ride for you. (level, location, ..)


If you like the plan, we arrange the details (bikes & gear, meeting point, et cetera)


You explore the best of Prague behind the bars!


Our favourite spots in Prague and the nearby forests, singletrack and rocky overlooks. We always adjust the riding plan to make sure we include the best cultural & natural spectacles along the way.

Bike & Gear

  • SCOTT, Rocky Mountain, SUPERIOR hardtail & full suspension high quality mountain bikes
  • POC helmets / gloves / knee pads
  • PENCO power snacks (Czech product!)

Price & Dates

Anytime! No fixed dates. To join us on our Prague Bike Rides just contact us to find the best date together!

  • Mornig ride
  • Lunch ride
  • Afternoon ride
  • 9:30 - 12:30
  • 13:30 - 16:30
  • 17:30 - 20:30
  • 70 EUR / person
  • 70 EUR / person
  • 70 EUR / person

Included & Extra

  • Licensed local guide
  • 3 hours of pure riding time
  • Bike & gear rental (sure you can ride your own bike and gear)
  • Energy Snack
  • Individual bike set-up in cooperation with BikeSpital bike shop.
  • Meal & drinks (Lunch 6 EUR, beer 1,5 EUR)

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